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By Lili St Crow

Strange Angels bk 3

Dru is part of the real world, a place where monsters exist and will quite happily rip her to pieces. But when you are going to grow into something incredibly deadly to those monsters, their thinking makes perfect sense. Dru didn’t ask for any of this though She didn’t want to be taken to a reform Schola or then transferred to the Schola Prima – the central djamphir training facility and home to the Order.

Graves and Christophe would like to take each other apart and balancing them and the other wulfen and djamphirs isn’t always that simple. Now Dru’s training also begins in earnest, which is good because 400 year old Sergej is hungry for her blood and won’t stop until it no longer pumps through her veins. To complicate matters even further Dru finally meets the other Svetocha, Anna. Anna is used to running things and having the Order at her beck and call. She doesn’t like to share and is more than a little annoyed at Dru. Dru doesn’t understand why but it becomes clear that it is because Dru has Christophe.

At least Graves is still around and the werewulf attack he survived turned him into a loup-garou, a prince among the wulfen.

The third book in the Strange Angels series and the intrigues just keep coming. This continues to be an engaging read, the characters and their interactions. I am partial to Dru’s drive and her desire to not sit back and wait for others to do for her, I also continue to like the relationship between Dru and Graves. There is plenty of action and loads of sly machinations. There are truths and half-truths. If you have enjoyed this series so far, this is a read that won’t let you down.

Publisher: Razorbill

Published: 01 July 2010

Format: Paperback 316 pages

Categories: Fiction Adventure Horror & Ghost

ISBN 13: 9781595142900 

Purchase: here

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