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By: Terry Deary

Sir Robert is the last knight of Hylton and he is rude, nasty, lazy and has a terrible temper. Mary the maid is frightened of him and for good reason, she has felt his whip on more than one occasion. Robert the stable boy also has to be careful to please his master, but one day when he is terribly cold, he falls asleep instead of getting Sir Robert’s horse ready to go hunting. Something more terrible than whipping happens to him.

This is part of Terry Deary’s Knights Tales series. These are short stories that are based on historical events and packaged towards younger readers. There is enough going on to keep a reader interested and enough pictures to break up the text, making it easier for younger readers. At the back the epilogue contains the historical facts on which the story was based. Not a bad way to get a little history into a growing brain.

Publisher: A & C Black Publishers Ltd

Published: 01 July 2009

Format: Paperback 64 pages

Categories: General

ISBN 13: 9781408106204

Purchase: here 

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