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Kisses For Daddy

By: Frances Watts and David Legge

It is time for Baby Bear to have a bath and go to bed, but he is grumbly. He gives his Mummy a kiss but won’t give Daddy one. Daddy Bear takes him to his bath and gets him ready for bed, all while trying to get his goodnight kiss. Baby Bear still won’t kiss Daddy though. Will Daddy ever get his kiss from Baby Bear?

A wonderful, heartwarming story all about going to bed and bedtime kisses. the text is easy to understand, it’s tone is friendly and playful. The illustrations are warm and engaging – perfectly capturing the fun and loving tine of the story. This book has been a CBCA Honour Book and is one of my favourites.

Publisher: Little Hare Books

Published: 01 May 2008

Format: Hardback 24 pages

Categories: Fiction Family Family Issues

ISBN 13: 9781921272431 

Purchase: here

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