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The Soccer Star

By: Sally Rippin

Part of the Billy B Brown Series

Billie and her best friend Jack always play together until one day when Jack is asked to play soccer with some of the other boys from their class. Billy says she will play but the boys say she can’t because she is a girl. Billy starts to feel all jumbled up, it doesn’t seem right. Billy decides to be brave and tell Jack how it felt when he went off, and she comes up with a plan and needs Jack’s help. Will this plan prove to the boys that girls can play soccer?

A wonderful little story about a determined little girl. It is a story that lets girls know that sometimes it’s okay to want to do things that others say you can’t, or to stand up for something you think is wrong. This book is a good alternative if you are looking for a book with a female character that isn’t a fairy, friends with a fairy or a dancer. With large print and pictures on about every second page it is a good early reader choice.

Publisher: Hardie Grant Books

Published: 01 April 2010

Format: Paperback 60 pages

Categories: General Sports Stories

ISBN 13: 9781921564932

Purchase: here

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