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Wild Magic

By: Tamora Pierce

Daine is a runaway. Onua is looking for someone to help take some horses south but doesn’t want to take this young one with her but there is something about Daine. Daine is running away from her past, the murder of her family and the madness that came after. It is a strange time though, creatures right out of nightmares and legend are roaming the land and reclaiming the skies. Things all around are changing. Daine though, is not a normal kind of girl, she has a special kind of magic, untamed, wild and she must learn how to control it. If Daine doesn’t learn how to harness this unusual gift she might see more friends die and her new home destroyed. Is Daine strong enough to master what her gift will demand of her? Will she truly find a new home and family?

A strong, young heroine, a powerful yet dangerous ability, heartache and renewal, what’s not to love. I picked this book up to write the review and truly had trouble putting it down again. It took effort to stop rereading it and I think that one little piece of information probably tells you all you need to know. Pierce has created a wonderful realm in Tortall, filled with amazing characters you really just want to get to know. Obviously I am happy to return to this place and these people, surely that is a sign the author has done a superb job, not only in the creation of believable and relatable characters but also in the execution of the story. A wonderful read, highly recommended for anyone, especially if you are looking for something containing a great story with an engaging and strong young female character.

Publisher: Scholastic Australia

Published: 28 May 2008

Format: Paperback 252 pages

Categories: Fantasy

ISBN 13: 9781862917767

Purchase: here


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