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CBCA Shortlist

Today saw the announcement of the Children’s Book Council of Australia Shortlist.

A big congratulations to all the authors included in these lists.

Older Readers Shortlist 2011

Cath Crowley – Graffiti Moon

Sonya Hartnett – The Midnight Zoo

Joanne Horniman – About A Girl

Doug MacLeod – The Life of a Teenage Bodysnatcher

Melina Marchetta – The Piper’s Son

Fiona Wood – Six Impossible Things

Younger Readers Shortlist 2011

Michael Gerard Bauer- Just a Dog

Bongers, Christine – Henry Hoey Hobson

Anna Branford, Ill.  Sarah Davis- Violet Mackerel’s Brilliant Plot

Isobelle Carmody – The Red Wind

Meg McKinlay, Ill. Leila Rudge – Duck For A Day

Sally Murphy, Ill. Rhian Nest James – Toppling

Early Childhood Shortlist 2011

Tom Niland Champion, Kilmeny Niland, Ill. Deborah Niland – The Tall Man and Twelve Babies

Ursula Dubosarsky, Ill. Mitch Vane – The Deep End

Alison Lester – Noni The pony

Deborah Niland – It’s Bedtime William!

Leonie Norrington, Ill. Dee Huxley – Look See, Look At Me!

Jan Ormerod, Ill. Freya Blackwood – Maudie and Bear

Picture Book Shortlist 2011

Jeannie Baker – Mirror

Bronwyn Bancroft – Why I Love Australia

Nikki Greenberg – Hamlet

Kim Kane, Ill. Lucia Masciullo – Family Forest

Chris McKimmie – Two Peas In A Pod

Tohby Riddle – My Uncle’s Donkey

For a complete list with publisher details you can check here.

To check out the list of Notable Books, and a congratulations to all authors listed there, go here.

For a look at the Chrichton Shortlist for Illustrators, and a big congratulations to you all, go here.

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