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Word Of Honour

By: Michael Pryor

Laws of Magic Series Book 3

Being the son of the Prime Minister presents itself with some interesting opportunities. Sometimes even quite unexpected ones, like helping your father avoid his bodyguards and sneak into a naval base for a test ride on a new top-secret submersible. It stops being so fun when a magical attack threatens to send the sub to the bottom of the ocean. When that is partly under control they rescue a merchant vessel in trouble only to discover Aubrey’s mother, Lady Rose, and Caroline on board.

These events trigger a series of others that interfere with George and Aubrey’s attempt to immerse fully into their new lives at university. Instead they find themselves caught up in plots to rob Albion’s largest bank, political uprisings, the disappearance of street urchins no-one will supposedly miss and strange underground disturbances. Then there is the opera singer who bears an uncanny resemblance to Aubrey’s nemesis Dr Tremaine, something no-one but Aubrey seems concerned about.

With all this going on how can he possible concentrate on his studies.

Book 3 of the Laws of Magic series and it is still going strong. Pryor keeps the action and intrigue coming thick and fast. After all one problem is never enough for Aubrey. There is plenty of steampunk adventure and magic. George is wonderfully loyal and grounding, Aubrey is is clever yet flawed – a character you like even more because he does make mistakes. (Will Caroline ever forgive him or is that something he has broken beyond repair?)Once again what could have turned into a confusing tale of many intrigues is well handled and entertainingly written. Bring on the next book.


Publisher: Random House Australia

Published: 01 July 2010

Format: Paperback 448 pages

Categories: Adventure, Crime, Science Fiction Fantasy

ISBN 13: 9781864718645

Purchase: here

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