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One False Note

By: Gordon Korman

The 39 Clues Bk 2


The first clue has been found by the team least expected to find it, Amy and Dan Cahill. Amy and Dan as just as surprised as everyone else. With their Grandmother’s final message too them echoing in the back of their minds, ‘to trust no-one’, they head of to Vienna with their au-pair Nellie and the cat Saladin. They follow the coded piece of Mozart’s sheet music believing what they hold is the key to the next clue. Closely on their trail though are their power-hungry relatives. It is difficult to know if the direction they are heading in is one that will lead to victory or a trap but they are determined to keep going.

This is another fun adventure with our favoured underdogs and their scheming, dysfunctional family. An engaging story woven thorough with interesting bits of historical information. Can you follow the clues like Dan and Amy? Further information is revealed on-line when you enter the new book codes, allowing continued intrigue and fun even once you’ve finished the book.


Publisher: Scholastic

Published: 02 December 2008

Format: Paperback 174 pages

Categories: Adventure, Historical

ISBN 13: 9780545060424

Purchase: here

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