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Kenny and the Dragon

By: Tony DiTerlizzi

Kenny Rabbit lives with his parents, goes to school, does his chores on the farm and fills in the rest of his time reading. he reads all sorts of subjects and believes fairytales and natural history hold equal merit in the real world. Everything is fine until the day Kenny’s dad sees a dragon.

Kenny is determined to study it but what he discovers is nothing like what his books tell him. It tuns out that Kenny and the Dragon (Grahame) have much in common.

The problems begin when the simple village folks hear that there is a dragon running loose in the countryside. They get completely the wrong idea and the stage is set for a fight to the death. Kenny is terrified and it’s up to him to pull off the most famous of battles – St George and The Dragon, but can he do it without losing a friend?

I picked this book up because of the cover artwork (sometimes that’s how it works) and reading the blurb meant I had to read the book. I fell in love with it. The whimsy, the characters, the dangers of misinformation and allowing mob rule. There is a smart, knowledge hungry bunny; a chess-playing, book reading dragon and a dash of theatricality – what more could you want? A truly wonderful read.


Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd

Published: 01 September 2008

Format: Hardback 160 pages

Categories: General

ISBN 13: 9781847384072

Purchase: here

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