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Tricksters Choice

By: Tamora Pierce

Aly is the daughter of a spymaster and the Kings Champion. She can crack codes, translate, pick locks and pockets, read lips and isn’t bad with a knife. Aly simply doesn’t want to do what other girls her age are doing, marrying and having babies. When she finds out her mother is returning from the war front she chooses to run away rather than face both parents at the same time. Unfortunately things don’t go according to plan and she gets captured and sold into slavery.

In order to get back to her family Aly makes a deal with Kyprioth (the Trickster God). Keep the children of the family she serves alive through the summer and she gets to go home. This turns out to be far more dangerous and intriguing than Aly imagines as she is swept into a complex political situation that becomes a battle for survival, all while not revealing the truth of who she is.

I am unashamedly a fan of Tamora Pierce. Trickster’s Choice is a wonderful fantasy story with a strong, intelligent female protaganist. This is one of the reasons I love Pierce’s books. This one has plenty of politics, plotting, scheming, fighting and spying, with a little magic thrown in for good measure. The characters are engaging and varied fitting well into the story and society that has been created. I have no trouble recommending this to readers who enjoy fantasy but also those looking for great female characters.


Publisher: Scholastic

Published: 14 October 2008

Format: Paperback 422 pages

Categories: Fantasy

ISBN 13: 9780375814723

Purchase: here

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